Hello and welcome. We are a couple from France. We lived 10 years in Mendoza, Argentina. During that time we were lucky to be able to drive down to Ushuaia, the southernmost town in the world, up to the high altitude plains of Bolivia where we camped at more than 16,000 feet. We visited Peru and Macchu Picchu, the high deserts of Northern Argentina, drove to the Atlantic coast of Argentina and the Pacific coast of Chile. After 10 years exploring South America in a camperized Ford Ranger we are now established again in Canada, close to our family. SIN RUMBO is our blog with articles, photos and videos about overland travel, or overlanding. That means traveling with an off-road vehicle to out-of-the-way destinations. When we are on the road we do not look for hotels, often not even for campgrounds. We carry with us what we need to live a few days outside civilization. Nature, peace and silence is what we look for. Follow us in our Logo map smallcamping expeditions and adventures, and discover our favorite routes around Canada, the US, and South America. Find out how we built our vehicles, what gear we use, what we like and dislike, and much more. We hope to make you dream, and hopefully help you realize you own trip.


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