Canon XA11 (XA15) Video Camera Review Video – Nature Scenes

Hello! If you have been following the blog and the youtube channel you already know that I sold my still camera a while back before moving out of Argentina and back to Canada. I have now purchased a new video camera so that I can continue producing videos for the channel. I love nature and… Continue reading Canon XA11 (XA15) Video Camera Review Video – Nature Scenes


Zoleo Satellite Communicator

Hello. I recently upgraded from a 10-year old Spot satellite messenger to a Zoleo. The Zoleo uses much more reccent technology and paired with a cell phone it can send custom messages from anywhere in the world, no matter how far out of any cellular coverage. Here is a video showing the unboxing, activation and… Continue reading Zoleo Satellite Communicator


New Video: DAWN RUN

We are still waiting for news of our special order AWD Ford Transit van and future camper. In the meantime we are house-sitting on an acreage just south of Calgary, Canada. We are also looking after a dog, two rabbits, and three horses. We are enjoying this lifestyle, the peace and tranquility of out-of-town living.… Continue reading New Video: DAWN RUN