Truck Shell Camper Walk Through Video

Hello dear readers, The quarantine continues here in Argentina with the same restrictions as of my previous posts. The restriction that affects us the most personally is the interdiction to practice camping. Of course travel outside the province is still not permitted either, so we are stuck in town or limited to short day trips.… Continue reading Truck Shell Camper Walk Through Video

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New video: Designing & building Sin Rumbo.

Click on the image below to watch on youtube.

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Do you (really) need a fridge?

You drove all day in hot weather, you're tired, sweaty, and the only thing you want, now that you have found a nice place to stop for the night, is a cold beer. Simple, just open the fridge and get one. Sit down, and enjoy. Very simple and so satisfying. Yes but, how much did… Continue reading Do you (really) need a fridge?