Sunrise on lake Potrerillos

This week I removed the cabinet doors, brought them home, and started painting them, and the table. It was time for a break and to enjoy project Sin Rumbo before more painting. We left Mendoza a 7:00am Saturday morning and drove to lake Potrerillos. After some running around I found a nice spot where the mountains were reflecting in a calm section of the lake. After taking some photos it was time to go back to the shelter of the truck to have food. We moved the truck to a high point with views of the lake on one side and views of the sunrise on the mountains on the other. Not a bad life, and pretty cool way to travel in my opinion! After breakfast we moved on to the other side of the lake that you reach by driving across an abandoned railroad bridge. A sign says it is safe for light vehicles. It was 🙂 We later re-crossed the bridge to retrace our steps and drive to Tupungato via a 75 km gravel road through amazing country. It is high desert with the snowy mountains just there, almost at arm’s length. We saw all kinds of large birds but not the condors I was expecting. Lunch was taken in the truck again with the back door open since the temperature was now very nice. The view was again priceless. It was a fantastic day in nature. The Ford Ranger is fulfilling its role each time a little better thanks to the progress in adapting it to our desired lifestyle. This week I will be painting inside the truck. When that’s all done I’ll be able to mount the doors again and start wiring the 220V electrical circuit.