Done with painting!

One more step completed … I finished painting the cabinets, reinstalled the doors. I’m glad I decided to go the extra step and use two colours. The light blue lights up the interior nicely and breaks the monotony of the grey and darker blue. It isn’t on the photo but the table is painted the same light blue. This morning I picked up the adhesive vinyl floor tiles. So stay tuned for the next photo with the finished imitation oak floor 🙂

Things are progressing well but I must admit that I am getting tired of working in such a cramped space – and a bit frustrated not being able to do a better job for the lack of a shop to work in. Anyway, now I will attempt to deal with the gaps around the tailgate that let a lot of dust get in when we drive on unpaved roads. Then I will be able to start wiring the 220V circuit.

IMG_2589 small