Houston … we have lights.

Today I finished wiring the 220-volt electric circuit. All the power outlets work and all 3 spot lights work. No problems appeared when I powered up the system. Power enters the vehicle at the rear via an extension cord that bring electricity from the campground outlet to a male plug on the vehicle. That feeds two 15A thermal breakers for protection, then power goes to a double outlet. In one of them will plug in the battery charger, and in the other plugs the vehicle 220 V circuit. When I will later have installed the second battery and inverter, I’ll be able to move that plug to the inverter when on the road. This way the inverter power and shore power are always totally isolated. All the wiring is housed inside an electricity/battery compartment beneath the wardrobe. The next step is to purchase and install the deep-cycle battery and battery chargers in order to complete the 12 V installation. The 12 V water pump will be installed then too. We’ll also get the small fridge. Then we’ll hopefully be ready for some serious camping!