First overnight trip in the Ranger

The day has come to put the camper to the test and go spend a night in it. I had scouted a campground not to far out of Mendoza that is open year-round and has power. That way I can run my electric heater to fight off the cold of the winter. The place is also a good spot for photography because of the nearby lake and views of the mountains. I arrived about 1/2 hour before dark so I could pick a spot and setup with still some natural light. Since I had already tested the electrical system there was no surprises and both the lighting and the heater worked perfectly. I managed between 18 and 19 degrees during the evening, and the temperature inside dropped to about 16 overnight since I had turned down the heater. It wasn’t a very cold night and there was even a warm wind in the morning, not a Canadian winter! It was a bit of a challenge to find a place for things and then remember in which bin they were, but once a routine will be established it shouldn’t be a problem. I was nice and comfy and had a great night, so now it’s just a matter of finding an organization scheme that’s practical, and go for a longer stay.