Update – Expedition to Peru & Bolivia.

I’m happy to report that the planning of the expedition itinerary is finished. The departure and return dates have been tentatively decided. We have already purchased the additional equipment that we will need to carry with us on the trip. Only a few minor things are still left to purchase. As of today it looks like we will depart mid-October 2019 to return early December, for a total of 50 days. We will cover a minimum of 8200 kilometres, and visit 4 countries: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, to return to Argentina. We will drive as low as sea level and as high as over 5000 m of altitude. We will visit some of the driest places on earth, some of the highest altitude roads, and some of the least hospitable terrain. It will be a serious challenge for the truck, as well as for us. In some places we will carry extra diesel fuel, and extra drinking water. Our immunizations are up-to-date. We will take the same altitude-sickness prevention vitamins that served us well for our trekking trip to mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal in 2009. Hopefully it will help this time too. The conditions are very different because driving we will get to altitude faster than walking. We’ll probably do one last test camping trip to a high-altitude place close to home, with the truck loaded, to make sure everything is as good as possible, and that we are as ready as possible. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Update – Expedition to Peru & Bolivia.”

  1. Hello
    I am Cesar Rodriguez and I also do the kind of trips you guys are doing. I am in San Rafael, Mendoza and that’s my ase camp. Hope to see you on the road. Sincerely

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