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Responsible Overlanding?

A while back, a Youtube subscriber asked me how I minimize my impact on the environment when I travel. I thought this could be the subject of a future video. So I planned it, and a couple of weeks ago, I set out for the high desert west of Mendoza. I spent four days off-grid,… Continue reading Responsible Overlanding?

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Week-long solo off-road adventure trip

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo! For a few weeks already the autumn season has been installed here in Mendoza, Argentina. The weather is cooler and more stable, the colours are beautiful and so is the light. I was alone at home for a couple of weeks, my wife was spending time with a second cousin… Continue reading Week-long solo off-road adventure trip

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Ancient Mines & Old Trails In The Andes.

Hello everyone! After a few weeks of silence I hit the trails again. The silent weeks were occupied doing the full service of the truck, doing tire balancing and wheel alignment, installing a new battery, and a number of maintenance items that were all due at pretty much the same time. Since I often travel… Continue reading Ancient Mines & Old Trails In The Andes.