Sin Rumbo featured on travel website

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo. Today is the very last day of January 2023. The new Ford vehicle we ordered in Canada in October 2022 is still on order with no build date yet from Ford. At this point it is questionable whether it will be delivered as planned, before our return to Canada at the end of March. We keep our fingers crossed though. As for us we are still in Mendoza, now in an AirBnB until our departure. Downsizing from our 2-bedroom condo hasn’t been easy. We sold stuff, donated and gifted some. Every step brings us closer to our future almost full time vehicle travel plan.

Two Sin Rumbo videos are now featured on a this travel site: You can check them HERE. Travopo is projected to be one of the fastest growing travel sites in 2023. It offers all kinds of resources for world travelers like articles, videos & blogs about the destination you are interested in, packing tips, and even the option to book your trip directly from the site.

Arequipa, Peru.

3 thoughts on “Sin Rumbo featured on travel website”

  1. I ordered the new Toyota Tundra in February of 2022 in November 2022 still no build date. Canceled my order went to chevy and they had a 2023 Silverado 2500 for the same price as the Tundra. I have a Supertramp Camper that will slide in and the extra 2300 pounds of payload is a plus. I will be driving all the way to Argintina from my home in Arizona over the next few years and then shipping to Africa to do all of Africa. I got tired of waiting and took what I could. Bigger then I wanted but this lifestyle has been on hold for 2 years. I plan on hitting the road in April.

    1. That sounds like a very nice travel plan. The Chevy might end up a better vehicle for it, as you say better payload. Good luck with your project. I’m waiting for a AWD Ford Transit. The Mercedes Sprinter is too expensive and difficult to have serviced, so the Transit is the only option with AWD. I hope it won’t take to long to get it. Cheers.

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