2021 Expedition – Starting soon


October 9, 2021 – We are now about a week away from the beginning of our expedition to the north of Argentina. Soon we will be leaving Mendoza to Fiambala, Catamarca, and the route of the six thousands. This area is the second highest in the world after the Himalayas. There are several summits over 6000 meters of altitude (close to 20,000 feet), hence the name of this area. We will explore remote tracks in the Andes that will take us to just under 5000 meters (16,400′), to lagunas with flamingos, towering volcanos and breathtaking landscapes. We will be on the road for over a month, off-highway for the most part. We will be living almost 100% in the truck, cooking, eating and sleeping, in improvised camp spots. We might stop in a campground occasionally to shower and wash our clothes but no hotels nor restaurants. We will be traveling alone, no other vehicle, no one else to rely on if something happens. This is a very remote and challenging region because of the harshness of the terrain and of the climate. It is more than likely that we will be spending nights out in minus 15 degrees Celcius (5 degrees Farenheit). Our itinarary will take us further north through the mountains to Tolar Grande and San Antonio De Los Cobres, before heading south and lower altitudes, and warmer temperatures. I will film 4 episodes for the youtube channel, maybe more. Over the last weeks I renewed my Argentine driver’s licence, serviced the truck and had the mandatory technical inspection done. All the planning is done, the GPSs are programed, the digital maps downloaded. We only have to take care of the last minutes chores and checks, load the truck with clothes and food, and start. Such an expedition is always an adventure but even more so when traveling alone. We already tested the truck and ourselves on the expedition to Peru and Bolivia two years ago, so we know what to expect. This trip is very similar in challenges, same altitudes, same remoteness, same terrain and climate. Fingers crossed, all will go well and we will come back with a lifetime of memories (all good of course) and some amazing footage to share with you!

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