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A Day At Camp – New Video

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo. A few weeks ago I went on a solo trip to my favourite spot in the Andes, west of Mendoza. I stayed several days and recorded enough material to put together a video of a full day at camp. I hope you will find it entertaining and relaxing to watch. As far as projects for this year we are planning a trip to the ocean fairly soon. It is still complicated to travel to Chile. It’s too bad because the Pacific coast of Chile is only some 350 km away from Mendoza. Instead we will drive a little over 1000 km to the Atlantic coast of Argentina. Of course we will be looking for some quiet camping spots, nature and wildlife. I’ll probably have a video or two ready mid to end of March after our return home. In the meantime I hope you are all doing well. Enjoy A Day At Camp:

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