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Ancient Mines & Old Trails In The Andes.

Hello everyone! After a few weeks of silence I hit the trails again. The silent weeks were occupied doing the full service of the truck, doing tire balancing and wheel alignment, installing a new battery, and a number of maintenance items that were all due at pretty much the same time. Since I often travel… Continue reading Ancient Mines & Old Trails In The Andes.

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Solar Install and Test Trip To The Mountains

Hello dear followers. I recently completed the last (I think) major update to the truck. I finally added a 180-Watt solar panel and a 20-Amp solar charge controller to the electric system. Until now the electric system relied on a 110-ah deep-cycle battery to power mostly our fridge and lights. That battery gets recharged when… Continue reading Solar Install and Test Trip To The Mountains

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COVID-19 Escape

Hello dear followers, As I am writing this post here in Argentina we are "celebrating" six months of strict quarantine. Travel between provinces remains impossible, and internal tourism is also very restricted. Picnicking and camping are still illegal. I took advantage of a fuzzy exception in the regulations that allows daily hikes to escape the… Continue reading COVID-19 Escape