Big day today … the hard top is on!

Big step for our truck, the hard top came in and was installed this morning. Here are a couple of quick shots. The good news is that the truck fits inside the parkade with the top on. There is only about 4″ or 10 cm of clearance but it fits. There is even room for a bit of suspension lift and bigger tires, haha 🙂 I promise better photos next time we go out. Now I have to start working and building the inside. More about that later.

Ooops update: So getting the truck in the parkade was a success. Getting it out turned out to be another story. Because of one protruding concrete beam, there was no way to get out. The different radius coming down and going up made it impossible to clear that beam. I eventually had to reverse out of the parkade up the ramp. The truck is now parked in a rented spot in a neighbourhood parkade where access isn’t a challenge. Today I installed the 3rd brake light that didn’t come with the hard top, and took the measurements to cut the window tinting film for the side windows.