Today I started the work inside the hardtop. I used 10mm sheets of polystyrene to insulate the roof and top sides. The solvents of most glues will melt polystyrene so a special adhesive is recommended. I could not find any spray adhesive in hardware stores nor at the local home improvement supermarket. After doing some research online I bought a can of 3M Super 77 from the local 3M distributor. It is an expensive product but it proved worthwhile. One coat on the fibreglass, one coat on the polystyrene, a 30-second wait minimum, and then apply and you’re done. I cut a panel, glued it, then moved on to the next one. What you see on the photos took 4 hours to do. The square wooden pieces are the mounting bases for the LED spotlights with the wiring running between the polystyrene panels. There is one per side. The inside of the hardtop will be carpeted in thin grey automotive carpet. I still have to cut and glue wooden side panels for the sliding windows onto which I will later mount the curtain brackets.