Road trip 2018 to the end of the world

We have now entered the new year, the festivities are behind even though the bellies are still a bit stretched from too much food, and it is time to focus our full attention to our coming trip to the end of the world. We will begin 2018 with a long and exciting road trip to Tierra Del Fuego, the southern tip of South America, and the city of Ushuaia, the southern-most city on the globe. From our planning I calculated that we will drive at least 11,000 kilometres from Mendoza, returning to Mendoza. On the map below you can see our planned route – the return leg will take us along the Atlantic coast to Las Grutas, then Neuquen, San Rafael and back to Mendoza. The next few days are dedicated to preparing and loading the truck, making sure we have the necessary documentation to cross the borders, and getting our place ready for a fairly long absence. I will try to post a few photos as we progress, though we will have only intermittent access to internet.

Map full
Map – Road trip to Ushuaia

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