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How we feel leaving Argentina

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo. We are now two weeks away from our return to Canada. We have been living in Mendoza, Argentina, for about ten years. We started coming to Argentina in 2010, a short trip back then, then staying longer and longer until we established ourselves as permanent residents. At the begining Mendoza… Continue reading How we feel leaving Argentina


How to choose a camper battery (video)

Hello dear readers, Those who have been following me for some time know that I had electrical issues with the truck camper pretty much from day one. I had originally paid someone to run the thick cable from the engine battery to the camper. I did the rest of the electric installation myself. Due to… Continue reading How to choose a camper battery (video)


Camping trip to Laguna Del Diamante

The Laguna Del Diamante is a fairly large high altitude lake with a volcano on the far side. It is iconic of the province of Mendoza, Argentina for its breathtaking landscape. The name is due to the reflection of the volcano in the lake, a triangle reflected forming a diamond. Situated very close to the… Continue reading Camping trip to Laguna Del Diamante