Mendoza to Ushuaia – Volcán Lanin

Continuing on our way south we get to Lago Huechulafquen, west of the city of Junin De Los Andes. We are still in the procince of Neuquen. The park rangers give you directions to explore the northern shore of the lake. There you find a few primitive but pretty campgrounds, and opportunities to do some horseback riding and other activities. As a photographer I wanted views of the lake with the volcano in the distance, so we decided instead to explore the south side of the lake. There is only one, very basic campground, really just a grassy and shaded hillside with a pit toilet, located at the very end of the long and narrow dirt track. The good thing is that we were alone and undisturbed, both to take photos and in the campground. The late afternoon light was gorgeous and the views breathtaking. I am particularly proud of the photo of the gauchos crossing the stream in front of the volcano. It is a typical example of placing yourself in the right place and waiting for the right time. Chance doesn’t play much of a role in these situations. It is more another case of preparation meets opportunity.

Further south still we stayed in San Martin De Los Andes, a lovely well kept town that is so clean and pretty that it could easily be in Switzerland. We camped still further south along the shore of Lago Trafúl, away from most tourists. After visiting Villa La Angostura we were ready to turn west and enter Chile.