Minipresso part 2

I reviewed the Minipresso a few weeks ago and this a follow-up. The previous review and tests were done at home, but I can now add a few comments after trying it in real-life conditions. I used it twice on road trips in the truck and still love it. I am amazed at the quality of espresso that this small device can produce. It is a bit messy to use, mostly to make a second espresso. I like to clean the machine properly before making a second shot. That means you have to clean all the parts, warm them up again, refill the machine and finally make your second espresso. You are dealing with clean hot water, dirty hot water, dry clean coffee, and wet hot old ground coffee, all at the same time. In a small space it’s a bit difficult but well worth the effort. During the whole process I keep a pot of boiling water on the propane stove because water temperature is key here to a good espresso. After a few uses you quickly get the hang of the pump and feel when you can push and release the piston. Not to fast is key. It is very satisfying to be able to make a decent espresso anywhere, anytime, without any electrical source! I love my Minipresso.