Wild camping in Cañon Del Atuel

Located 254 km south of the city of Mendoza is the smaller city of San Rafael. Then 38 km further south is the artificial lake created on the río Atuel, and still south along the dirt road number 173 is the actual Cañon Del Atuel. It is a very picturesque part of the province of Mendoza, and the dirt road is generally drivable in any vehicle small or big, making this area accessible to all. Three electric generation power plants are located in the canyon along the road, and there are many spots to park, take photos, have a picnic, or even spend the night if you’re camping. We did just that, on a high point above the main dam, where the view over the lake is the best. It was very windy but the light was good for photography. The next morning was clear and not as dramatic for photos.