Back in Argentina

Hello. Since I left you last time we have returned safely to Argentina, and we have visited the north, pretty much where we should have been if we had gone through Bolivia. We visited the small towns of Humahuaca, Tilcara and Purmamarca. They all have a somewhat Peruvian/Bolivian feel due to the proximity to these countries and the shared culture and Inca influence. From there we pointed the truck to the south on our return leg to Mendoza. We visited the pretty  city of Salta, then headed southwest to Cachi. Cachi is a village with white-painted houses, cobblestone streets and relaxed atmosphere. All the roads to Cachi used to be gravel but the 100 km from Salta have now been paved. More tourists come to Salta but it still remains an out-of-the-way destination for most. We spent two nights and one full day strolling the streets, checking the few stores, and visited the archeological museum. Today we left Cachi on the famous and still unpaved “ruta cuarenta”. We made a detour to visit a winery, then resumed south to Cafayate where we are staying in a campground. On the way we drove through some crazy landscapes in the “quebrada de las flechas” or gorge of the arrows. Tomorrow we are planning to stay in Cafayate. The following day we’d like to visit one or two local wineries before continuing south and closer to home.

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