Incredible pumice desert at área natural protegida Campo de Piedra Pómez.

We stayed two days in the campground “Luz y Fuerza” in the town of Cafayate, province of Salta. It is a pleasant small town now oriented towards tourism and based on its attractive landscapes and many wineries. The local specialty is a grape called Torrontés that produces a fruity and dry white wine. After driving the 50 km to the Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo) and stopping along the way for a hike and some photography, we returned to Cafayate in time for lunch at Bodega Piatelli. The winery is above town and from the terrace the view is indeed very nice. We had a very nice lunch and the wine was excellent. After visiting Cafayate we resumed our drive towards Mendoza. We had another exciting stop planned along the way though. It isn’t exactly along the way since it is a detour of close to 200 km one way from the main road (ruta 40). Most of it is paved and through breath-taking landscapes. Only the last 30 km to Piedra Pómez, a protected natural area, are on a rough track recommended for 4×4’s only. The area is really unusual and well worth the extra distance. I will let you judge for yourself looking at the photos. It was amazing to spend the night there, alone in the desert except for one other vehicle. The light at sunset and sunrise made the scenery even more spectacular.

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