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How to prepare for a high-altitude overland trip: watch the video.

As a follow-up to our Atacama expedition late 2019, in this video I share our experience driving and living as high as 4900 metres of altitude (16,500′). When we drove the laguna route of Bolivia, for three days we were in a very remote and inhospitable, though amazingly beautiful, corner of the world. For three days there was no chance of getting food, gas, or mechanical help. We were entirely on our own. That section of the trip was not only a success but also one of the most memorable parts of the whole expedition. The vastness and solitude is just hard to absorb fully. Of course the landscapes are breathtaking, the laguna Colorada, laguna Hedionda, the flamingos. But beyond what the eyes can register, it is a kind of permeating feeling of immensity, almost infinity, that dominates. Anyway, it can be intimidating to plan such an adventure and I hope this video will help you plan and prepare your own high-altitude trip, to Bolivia or elsewhere on earth. In the last segment of the video you get to experience with me the week I spent driving, exploring and camping in the high desert outside Mendoza to film this video. Enjoy!

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