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Week-long solo off-road adventure trip

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo! For a few weeks already the autumn season has been installed here in Mendoza, Argentina. The weather is cooler and more stable, the colours are beautiful and so is the light. I was alone at home for a couple of weeks, my wife was spending time with a second cousin… Continue reading Week-long solo off-road adventure trip

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Ancient Mines & Old Trails In The Andes.

Hello everyone! After a few weeks of silence I hit the trails again. The silent weeks were occupied doing the full service of the truck, doing tire balancing and wheel alignment, installing a new battery, and a number of maintenance items that were all due at pretty much the same time. Since I often travel… Continue reading Ancient Mines & Old Trails In The Andes.


The Land Of Volcanos – Part 3

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo. I hope you are all doing well, wherever you are in the world. It looks like 2021 might be another year we'll want to forget. Here in Mendoza, for now, life is almost normal, as in "as we can still remember it", but I know that in many other parts… Continue reading The Land Of Volcanos – Part 3