The Land Of Volcanos – Part 2

Hello dear readers. A big thank you to all who have already watched Episode 1 of the expedition to the land of volcanos series of videos. I appreciate your comments and feedback. I finished editing episode 2 last night and it is now uploaded to Youtube. When I started editing episode 1 I had no… Continue reading The Land Of Volcanos – Part 2


Adventure To The Land Of Volcanos

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo. I wish you all a happy New Year, hopefully with good health and more freedom than last year. We need to enjoy what we have close to home. We often neglect our own backyard to go travel to far away places. With the restrictions many are discovering their own region.… Continue reading Adventure To The Land Of Volcanos


12V Air Compressor Review Video

Hello dear readers. Here in Mendoza, Argentina, summer has arrived with temperatures oscillating between 25 and 35°C, with the occasional thunderstorm and hail. We recently took Sin Rumbo for a spin. We went for a picnic in the mountains, by a stream. It was the opportunity to re-check the solar install, which is functioning extremely… Continue reading 12V Air Compressor Review Video