The Land Of Volcanos – Part 3

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo. I hope you are all doing well, wherever you are in the world. It looks like 2021 might be another year we’ll want to forget. Here in Mendoza, for now, life is almost normal, as in “as we can still remember it”, but I know that in many other parts of the world normal seems to be slipping further and further back in the past. We don’t have much control on the world around us, but we do have control on our own life and immediate environment. Attitude is a major factor in what happens to us, so I hope you manage to stay positive. Turning off the noise of society helps a lot. For my part I have been very busy editing the videos of our last trip, and … drum roll: the final episode is done and live on youtube. I am looking forward to some time away from the computer screen, knowing full well that I’ll be looking for a destination and making plans for the next trip, and the next video. Even though I am retired sometimes I feel like I still work 🙂 That’s how I am. I have to do something and something somewhat useful if possible. Learn, practice, and try again. Life is nothing but a long series of lessons. It would be wasted if we spent it just drifting along. I realize that my videos are becoming more true to my personality, featuring mostly nature scenes. I am passionate about going to natural areas and capturing the beauty of landscapes and the life of our animal friends. I think that I can share that better in videos than I used to be able to through still images. Few photos made it to my website and thousands of beautiful images are sitting on a hard-drive; most never seen by anyone except me. Most of these images were one time opportunities, never to be repeated, because life rarely gives you a second chance. I hope you will enjoy watching episode 3, and enjoy spending a few minutes in nature without having to go out of your house or apartment. I hope my videos make you feel good about life. It is still a beautiful world out there! Cheers.

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