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Ancient Mines & Old Trails In The Andes.

Hello everyone! After a few weeks of silence I hit the trails again. The silent weeks were occupied doing the full service of the truck, doing tire balancing and wheel alignment, installing a new battery, and a number of maintenance items that were all due at pretty much the same time. Since I often travel alone in remote areas of the mountains it is critical that the truck be in tip top shape. If I ever was to get stuck out there, there isn’t even cell phone reception, so there is no help available. So, with the maintenance dealt with, I could think again of going out.

I recently spend five days exploring new trails, old mines, and beautiful landscapes in the Andes, just west of Mendoza. Most of all, I spent that time totally alone, enjoying the silence and vastness of nature. It is highly beneficial for the mind. I recorded my experiences during that week, and uploaded a video on Youtube. I will let you watch it here below. I hope you enjoy it, and until next time: Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Ancient Mines & Old Trails In The Andes.”

  1. Splendide! À quelle date ces mines étaient exploitées? Qu’est-ce qu’on extrayait de ces mines?
    Magnifique ciel étoilé, paysage coloré super, l’immensité. Les videos sont bien réalisés. Bravo et merci

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