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Week-long solo off-road adventure trip

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo! For a few weeks already the autumn season has been installed here in Mendoza, Argentina. The weather is cooler and more stable, the colours are beautiful and so is the light. I was alone at home for a couple of weeks, my wife was spending time with a second cousin of hers in Buenos Aires. I took the opportunity to load the truck with clothes and food, and I headed west then north to the province of San Juan, in search of another solo adventure. I visited a high-altitude lake where I got caught in a dust storm, I photographed some very curious desert rock formations, I hiked a slot canyon, and also visited a small town with pre-Inca roots. Of course I traveled mostly on out-of-the way gravel roads and primitive 4×4 tracks. I camped exclusively out in remote natural settings without any facilities. Cell phone reception was inexistant 90% of the time. I enjoyed the peacefulness and silence, and I share my experience with you in a new video. I hope you will enjoy it, and until next time: take care and be well!

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