Filming a new video during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Hello dear followers. I hope you are all doing well. Here in Mendoza we are now entering the fourth month of lock-down. The national borders are still closed and there are no commercial flights in or out of Argentina. The government said flights will resume September 1st. Here in Mendoza we can now go out to exercise, that is walking, running, cycling, etc. The park General San Martin is open again, so are some of the coffee shops and restaurants, but with all the restrictions they don’t seem to have very many clients yet. For us the Sin Rumbo team, that is my wife and myself, the main restriction is that we still cannot drive out of town. Tourism inside the province only, has re-opened but to drive out one needs a reservation in a restaurant, hotel, or rented cabin. Picnics and camping are still illegal for now. We actually went backward a step a week ago and are restricted again to going out only on days allowed depending on the last digit number of our ID document. That amounts to two weekdays and weekends.

In order to keep practicing my limited video shooting and editing skills I decided to make a short documentary showing what Mendoza looks like. I had been thinking about it for some time, and some of my youTube subscribers have commented that they enjoy watching what Argentina looks like, with commentaries in English. I decided now was a good time to make this video. We are entering winter here in the southern hemisphere. That and the lack of tourists make things a little sad-looking I think. We had fun playing tourists in our own town. Doing it we discovered things we didn’t know. I hope you will enjoy the video. So here it is. Stay safe!

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