Roasting coffee at home or while camping

Hello friends. In these times of confinement and quarantine most of us are forced to spend much more time at home than before. One way to keep yourself occupied and to keep enjoying life is to have some form of hobby. Personally I started maybe a year ago, to roast my own coffee at home. I roast once a week and that keeps me busy for over an hour, while enjoying the smell of roasted coffee. Then I get to enjoy freshly roasted coffee for the next few days. You see, roasted coffee beans will quickly loose their flavours after a couple of weeks. And if you buy ground coffee then once you open the bag the fine particles of coffee will immediately start oxidizing. Within minutes most flavours have disappeared. A shame really, mostly if you buy expensive coffee because then the hard work of the farmers, the mastery of the roaster, literally evaporate and you’re left with a greatly diminished product. For espresso particularly freshness is key. It is impossible to produce a flavourful espresso shot with rich and thick crema from stale coffee. It just doesn’t work. The solution many have found is to buy green beans, which will keep for months, and then roast at home. I just made a short video in which I explain all this and show how I have been doing it. I hope you’ll find it entertaining and inspiring.

2 thoughts on “Roasting coffee at home or while camping”

  1. It’s a great article! The key benefit of roasting coffee at home is enjoying fresh and flavorful coffee. Also you can do a lot of experiment with different coffee beans and roasting methods.

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