Wisdom From Nature – A short video.

Here in Argentina we are in our fifth month of strict lockdown with no end in immediate sight. People everywhere no longer seem to trust the main media, but there is so much out there on youtube for example that we cannot really trust who is publishing what there either. As citizens and as humans we have been placed in a sort of no-man’s-land where the future is uncertain with no information we can really trust to give us a sense of direction. Fear is the only thing governments and the media have been serving us now for several months, the deadliest of all emotions. So all we seem capable of, is watching and waiting to see how far down we and our world will go. We have lost the little control we had over our life and we know that what governments and so-called scientists are telling us now is the only way they will admit in fifteen years it was a mistake, as always seems to happen. I often think that if I was allowed to go camping again, and I could go back to my last camping spot in the desert, I would look around and get the same feeling as I got last time before all this COVID-19 madness started. I would feel that the universe is still amazingly huge, that our planet (without any humans in sight) is still the most beautiful place in that universe, that the animals have survived very well and are still roaming around as if nothing happened at all. How come only humans seem to live in ugliness, and in misery? Can it be that we create our own problems? Can it be that by thinking bad thoughts individually, and also at the national and global levels we create a bad environment for ourselves? I’ll let you watch the video and hopefully reflect and come to your own conclusions. Until next time, stay safe.

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