Truck Shell Camper Walk Through Video

Hello dear readers,

The quarantine continues here in Argentina with the same restrictions as of my previous posts. The restriction that affects us the most personally is the interdiction to practice camping. Of course travel outside the province is still not permitted either, so we are stuck in town or limited to short day trips. It wasn’t too restricting through winter but spring is starting to make an appearance with a few trees already in full bloom, warmer temperatures, longer days, etc. The itch to go camping will become more and more difficult to resit so hopefully in a month or two that restriction will be lifted. We can’t really complain though since the two of us are healthy, in good spirits, and we have no financial difficulties.

A few years ago I had made a video that proved very popular about the design and construction of our camper. Since then I made a few changes and improvements to the camper so I thought it was time to make an updated video. A few days ago we decided to drive into the desert for a few hours in order to shoot that video. It is now edited and uploaded to youtube and you can watch it below. Please like and comment as that is required for the ratings. Enjoy!

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