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COVID-19 Escape

Hello dear followers,

As I am writing this post here in Argentina we are “celebrating” six months of strict quarantine. Travel between provinces remains impossible, and internal tourism is also very restricted. Picnicking and camping are still illegal. I took advantage of a fuzzy exception in the regulations that allows daily hikes to escape the city to spend a day hiking in the mountains. I also want to keep practicing my video shooting and editing skills, so I packed some gear with me to record my outing. Before that I had made a short video about one of my favourite subject: the making of espresso. I link these two short videos below and I hope you will enjoy them. Please remember to click Like and Subscribe to support my Youtube channel. Comments also help the ratings. Thank you for sticking with me through these challenging times. I have some exciting travel plans but I cannot do much for now. I hope you and your families are all well and that you manage to keep a sane mind and a healthy body.

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