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Atacama Argentina EP 5 now live

Welcome back to Sin Rumbo, and thank you for visiting. For those who read this as it becomes available I wish you all the best in 2022. The (almost) last episode of the video series Atacama Argentina is now live on youtube, and here below. Being the last episode it covers the long drive back home. But adventure is still the goal and we would not waste precious days on the road just driving down a paved highway. Until the last moment we look for wild camps in beautiful spots. In this episode gone now are the immense landscapes of the Atacama but we enjoyed being in more friendly climates and tolerable altitudes. We also enjoyed a more relaxed pace. Not having to cover hundreds of kilometers of corrugations every day is certainely welcome. I don´t want to spoil the video by revealing too much because I hope you will appreciate the beautiful remote camps, the sound of the morning campfire crackling, and the sense of peace and quiet I try to convey through the videos I make. I said at the beginning: ¨(almost) last episode¨ because there will be one more and you’ll find out about it in the video. I hope you’ll enjoy watching this episode 5. Until next time, get out there in nature and be safe.

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