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Atacama Argentina EP 4

Hello friends. We continue our expedition across the Atacama with the 4th episode. After driving across the salar de Antofalla, we stop overnight at the intriguing Cono de Arita. There are all sorts of theories to explain this perfectly triangular mountain in the middle of the salt flat, the salar de Arizaro. Some even claim that it is an alien rendez-vous point visible from space. What do you think?

In the video I will give you the answer. Our next important stop will be the small town of San Antonio de los Cobres, rather its one and only gas station, 450 km away from the last one. Will it be open on this Sunsay afternoon? At the end of this long and challenging leg of our trip we will arrive in the small and charming town of Cachi, Salta. There we will rest, clean up, and treat ourselves to a superbe lunch in a gorgeous setting. I won’t say more. Here is Episode 4 …

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