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We drive to the world largest crater – EP 3 Atacama Argentina

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo. In this episode we leave the small town of Antofagasta De La Sierra, province of Catamarca, to ascend the volcano Galán. It is so big that it wasn’t until the first satellite photos that scientists realized that the Galán is a volcano. At its widest the crater is 42 km wide and nowhere along the rim is there a place where you can see the totality of it. It’s just mountains, valleys, and more mountains. The track takes us to a record altitude (for us) of 4999 m or almost 16,500 feet. On the way we have to navigate the narrow Cañon De Real Grande, where the rocks on both sides seem determined to take a piece of our door panels. Once on the rim, we are still a long way away from the laguna Diamante, with many more ups and downs. The terrain and landscapes are literally out of this world. The water of the laguna Diamante has an unusually high concentration of salt and arsenic that makes it the harshest environment on earth. Scientists think that it is probably similar to the earth about 3500 million years ago. I will let you discover all that and more in the video. Until next time, stay safe.

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