We survived the bolivian altiplano

It is crazy how you can plan a trip for months and just like that it falls into the past, and in the blink of an eye it becomes a memory. We are back down in Chile, by the ocean, the bolivian altiplano behind us. It was a gruelling 3-day up high, at times at close to 5000 m, trying to pick our way through sometimes a dozen of seemingly parallel tracks. The tracks up there seem determined to break both your truck and your spirit. The constant rattling and shaking can be at times unbearable. Our roof rack started coming loose and threatened to come apart, so we had to stop by the side of the track to fix it. It took 3 hours of work at 4600 m and in the relentless wind to finally tighten everything and resume the driving. Unfortunately I had to do the same all over again the same night for the same reason, loose bolts. I applied threadlock cement to the bolts and they have stayed firm til today. The landscapes are well worth the effort and I will write my feelings later, from the comfort of home. Tomorrow we cross into Peru, and that will be a new experience. We haven’t had any difficulties with border crossings so far, so fingers crossed!

1 thought on “We survived the bolivian altiplano”

  1. I feel your pain on the bumpy roads. Had a similar experience and even with our roof rack coming loose. When we stopped to camp I looked at the rack and noticed it was crooked. When I took my ladder out to check it actually came out of the roof rack rails. I had to put it back on track and tighten. A couple more miles of that bumpy road and I’m sure it would have come off complete. Glad your did not and good luck with the crossing.

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