We are now in Peru.

We entered Peru without any difficulty. We have been very lucky with border crossings so far. That one between Chile and Peru is located in a nice, modern building but ends up being a bit confusing. Thankfully the officials have always been very helpful in directing us to the proper building or office. The last few days we have been back in civilization. The driving hasn’t been less stressful though, as Peruvian drivers seem to have a death wish. Trucks, and even buses seem to enjoy the thrill of passing each other uphill just before a blind curve. We have seen a number of accidents but even the sight of a dead body by the side of the road doesn’t slow down the Peruvian drivers. In the cities traffic is heavy and congested, and challenging to European and North American drivers. The GPS isn’t always trustworthy as the shortest way can lead you in some pretty rough areas where getting out could be difficult. Anyway, we survived driving into and out of Arequipa, and into Cusco where we are now. In both cities we parked the truck and visited on foot. We have been in Cusco just two days and will be here about a week in total. We are in a nice campground above the city, the only campground in Cusco and it caters especially to overlanders. Both Arequipa and Cusco have a very beautiful and architecturally rich historical centre, with beautiful stores, and many restaurants and cafés. For us it is a welcome rest from the dust and rough tracks, and it is nice to walk all day. The altitude of Cusco doesn’t seem to bother us. I suppose that the few days in Bolivia at well over 4000 m prepared us well for the 3500 m of Cusco. I will leave you with a couple of photos of some of the more colourful locals.

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