12V Air Compressor Review Video

Hello dear readers. Here in Mendoza, Argentina, summer has arrived with temperatures oscillating between 25 and 35°C, with the occasional thunderstorm and hail. We recently took Sin Rumbo for a spin. We went for a picnic in the mountains, by a stream. It was the opportunity to re-check the solar install, which is functioning extremely well. It’s nice to be able to use the fridge while the leisure battery is maintained at full charge most of the time. It was also the opportunity to test a new 12V air compressor I recently purchased. Until now I had a smaller compressor that never performed well. It would quickly overheat and quit. I fixed things as they broke down or melted. It finally quit hopelessly and I did some research online. I had to make a choice within what is available here in Argentina, and I purchased a generic copy of the T-MAX, a well respected Chinese-made compressor in the 4×4 community. Now the million dollar question was: is the generic compressor as good as the real T-MAX. You can find out by watching the video below, but yes. I am pleased, even impressed, by this compressor. Now you might be wondering why all this fuss for an air compressor. When going off-road it is important to deflate the tires to increase their footprint. This way you get better traction. The tires can better adapt to the terrain variations, bumps, rocks, tree roots, etc. And since the tires are part of the suspension, lower air pressure equals less stress on the suspensions parts and more comfort for the passenger. The downside is that once you get back to the pavement you might not be near a gas station, and you probably have to be self reliant to inflate your tires back to highway pressure. That’s where a fast and reliable air compressor comes in handy. Thanks for visiting, please watch the video, like and comment. And I hope you have a great day!

Is this generic 12V air compressor any good?

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