Adventure To The Land Of Volcanos

Hello friends of Sin Rumbo. I wish you all a happy New Year, hopefully with good health and more freedom than last year. We need to enjoy what we have close to home. We often neglect our own backyard to go travel to far away places. With the restrictions many are discovering their own region. It doesn’t matter where we live there are always hiking trails and camping spots nearby to escape civilization and reconnect with mother Nature. More than ever before this connection is crucial to put in perspective what the world is going through. A good break away from the noise and commotion of human society, in the silence of Nature, is the best and most affordable therapy. Fear is a mental state that no government can cure.

Here in Argentina we are enjoying a summer break in the COVID craziness. National travel is allowed and many are taking advantage of it. Hotels, chalets, restaurants and campgrounds are trying to make up for the recent months of closures. We left right after Christmas and pointed Sin Rumbo to the south. I had planned a trip first to an area that is unique in the number of volcanic cones found in the region. Then we continued south along the Andes and visited some of the lakes nestled in beautiful forests in what are the northern reaches of Patagonia. We sometimes camped in the wild, sometimes in campgrounds. Our southernmost destination was the lovely town of San Martin De Los Andes, on the shore of lake Lácar, province of Neuquen. It is a popular destination and was indeed quite busy. I had planned to stay in a campground called “Los Amigos De La Naturaleza (The Friends Of Nature)”. We loved being under the trees in a farmland area. The facilities were clean and well functional. Then we made our way back snaking through the interior of the country. We had a great trip and we never had to show the paperwork I had filled online to be able to travel. I am working on editing the videos of the trip. The first one is here below. Enjoy and take care!

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